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The Cycle 2 Austria team have finally recovered from thier epic 1000km journey in 2011 when they cycled to Austria, raising £6400.00 for Scope. 

The difference YOU made with your donations has given the team the oomph to go push their limits.

Welcome to our next challenge and please support us as we...

               Cycle 2 Sweden. 

Thank you to Bondi Fitness for help with design and organising fundraising! Please visit thier webpage by CLICKING HERE

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Imagine the feeling after a long hard day at work or school, when you get home and relax back into your comfortable sofa or chair to enjoy your favorite t.v. or radio show. 

Think now about cooking a meal using your steamer to retain goodness in your 3 types of vegetable, whilst boiling the kettle to use the hot water to make a sauce, grilling your main ingredient in your clean hotpoint oven.... Ok ok maybe i am being far fetched, especially on a week day. You raid the freezer and pop your favorite microwave meal into the Popty-ping and wait 3:30 (850w) or 3:00 (750w). Dinner is served as you sit around in the warm central heated room with your dog and cats all cosy and chilled out.
Finally think about the softness of your own bed and pillows as you settle in for a good nights sleep to wake up and feel the familiar sounds and smells that remind you you'er in the safety of your own home.  
Imagine the feeling after a long hard day of nearly 100 miles on a bicycle or the 7th consecutive day, when you get to the next field and sit back onto your chosen rock to enjoy your 5 minuets of rest before the next jobs start. 
Think now about cooking a meal using your tini gas burning hob that keeps going out in the wind, to cook for 6 full grown men all desperate to fulfill their bodies need to regenerate with energy, and rationing the supplies to last and go round.... Ok ok maybe i am being far fetched, especially with a support crew. You raid the van of any fruit you can that's not been in there for longer than a few days with the sweaty gear. Dinner is served as you sit around in the warm sleeping bags in the hope it wont rain with the bugs and s...p...i...d...e..r...s.
Finally think about the softness of your own roll mat and clothes filled pillowcase, as you settle in for a good nights sleep to wake up and feel the unfamiliar sounds and smells that remind you you'er in the middle of nowhere and so far from the safety of your own home.  
This trip is not going to be easy so PLEASE help make it worth it and donate now by going to any amount £3 or whatever £30 or anything you can afford join in and make a difference now. 


We are going to go the distance and really push ourselves to the limits by going an extra 300km than the last trip. 

We will be cycling more each day with less rest. 



We are going to achieve so much more than our Cycle 2 Austria trip. Not only do we want to raise money for 3 charities but we want to use the trip to inspire a range of people form school children to adults who, with some motivation, will go out and help raise money for a charity close to their own hearts. 

We will be raising money for:-

R4FT - Relief 4 Families in Trauma

R4ft offers resources to families caring for children who have experienced neglect, abuse and/or domestic violence so that they can have the specialist therapeutic support they need. 

This can be Music, Art or Play therapies which include parents and children together. When combined with specialist support for school staff and the extended family network, these programmes can bring fun back into stressed families.

Traumatised children need security and stability before they can begin to recover from the effects of early trauma. Parents and guardians need a support network around them who understand how trauma can send ripples of stress th rough families and communities. 

R4ft Pic

CRY - Cardiac Risk in the Young

CRY was founded in 1995 to raise awareness of conditions that can lead to young sudden cardiac death (YSCD); sudden death syndrome (SDS); SADS

We lost our good friend Alex Watley to Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. This adventure and challenge is memory of him. 


Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice

Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice is the only adult Hospice caring for terminally ill people and their families across West Surrey and North East Hampshire, both at the Hospice and in the community.

 For many patients, when a cure is not possible, hospice care offers a more dignified and comfortable alternative to spending time in the impersonal and noisy environment of a hospital. Our care helps patients manage pain and improves the quality of life for both the patient and their family.

Seeking care through our Hospice isn’t about giving up hope or hastening death, but rather a way to get the most appropriate care in the last phase of life…because every day is precious.

Phyliss Tuckwell Hospice provided outstanding care to a gentleman who was a friend and inspiration to many of the people involved in Cycle2Austria and Cycle2Sweden. 

Phyllis Tucwell