Hello from the Team 

Craig - 

Craig 2

In 2011 I was one half of the support team for Cycle2Austria. I was largely responsible for finding the cycle team when they had become lost.  I like a challenge, especially one of a physical or sporting nature so it was frustrating for me to watch the others complete the actual cycling. Equally frustrating 

were the moans and groans about heat, cold, hills, flats, hunger, sore bums and sore egos which seemed entirely unnecessary during Cycle2 Austria; therefore I aim to prove that this tougher challenge can be completed with fewer complaints and greater stoicism. Easy. 

More sensibly, I work in a Primary School and we often speak to the children about charity and the importance and pleasure of doing things for other people who find themselves in difficult or unfortunate situations. We also speak a great deal about meeting personal challenges and taking responsible risks so that you are living life to the full.  I firmly believe that as a teacher I should be setting an example of what people can do to help others, not simply to tell pupils about it, in the hope that they will undertake similar fundraising challenges in their lives.

Age: 33

Favourite TV Show:  Can I have a Radio show? Desert Island Discs.

Favourite Food:  Fish, chips, mushy peas, salt, vinegar.

Favourite Joke: Lee Grant

Greatest Fear: Unfriendly Alien Attack.

What makes you scared of this cycle ride?  10 days without decent coffee.

Thomas - 


I want to show other peple that they can get up, go out, and do something good for people who really need thier help.  I want to push my limits and have a load of fun whilst doing it all. 

I'm so unfit, when I went to the gym for the first time this week I was sweating and knackered once I arrived there just from the half mile walk! Something needs to change and fast. 

Age: 28

Fav Food: Loving Pie, Mash, Minty Mushy Peas, and Red wine gravy right now!

Fav TV show: Game of Thrones (Up there and possibly better than 24)

Greatest Fear: Cycling in Lee's slip stream on the morning after curry night!

Please sponsor us to go the extra mile for the causes we care so much about.


Thomas :-) x


Lee - 

After enjoying the scenery cycling down to Austria (and the time to forget the pain) I am looking forward to the next challenge. After the fantastic support we received last time, we are keen to make an even bigger difference to the chosen charities.

This time, it’s not just that we are cycling further that scares me, but it’s the fact that we will be without the luxury of a motorhome, comfy bed, warm shower and lovely meal cooked for us at the end of the day.

Cycle2Sweden is going to be tough, cycling between 80-100 miles a day then settling in a field somewhere to pitch our tent. The added hassle of setting the tent up, then cooking our own dinners, uncomfortable sleep for 9/10 days, possibly not finding a warm shower; this really is going to be hard.

The last cycle trip was a huge success. With the money (over £6,300) we raised we managed to help make a difference to lots of people. That is the reason, and the drive that pushes me to train hard in order to get fit. This C2S trip will be no different.


Age: 31

Favourite TV Show: Match of the Day

Favourite Food: KFC

Biggest Fear: Flying, Bugs and Insects – camping really doesn’t help this!

Best Joke: What do you call a man with no shin’s? Tony

What make you scared of this cycle ride? Not having the luxury of a support team, and having to do everything ourselves after cycling for 80-100 miles. Ohhh and the sore bum!


AJAj 2

With this challenge, I want to inspire people to similar feats. To get up up and get active. As a personal trainer its my job to help people achieve their health and fitness goals. I get a real buzz when people achieve their goals. Nothing better than a smile once it's complete. Nothing like a work out!!! Being a spin instructor is also helping with my training. I'm loving Crossfit.
I love a fitness challenge, I have never done something like this so I am excited to go on this adventure, even knowing that I'll have a numb bum for 1100km of it.
Fav Food: Pizza and a Protein Shake
Fav TV Show: Scrubs/Bo Selecta
Greatest Fear: The Wrath of Sigournay 
Please sponsor us for all these great causes, thank you
Endeavour to be your best


Being by far the oldest member of the team I am very much looking forward to this very difficult challenge that lies ahead of us with this cycle to Sweden. Unlike the rest of the team, I will be cycling to my home town of Norrteljia, where a number of friends and family will be waiting at the finish line. We will cover over 1300km in around 9-10 days. Whatever the weather throws our way, or those sleepless cold nights in the tents, or the times when we will miss our loved ones; these are minor inconveniences that can be tolerated so that we can raise money for these three fantastic chairties. If we only help improve, in any way, a handful of lives, then it will be worth every mile.
So please sponsor us as every penny counts.  
Age: 34
Nickname: Guycon
Favourite food: Big BBQ full of meat
Greatest fear: Spiders, locating my upper lip, brown tape and sandles.
Favourite TV show: Weekend football

Stu Wray (Driver and Support Member)Stu

Age; 23

Occupation; Royal Naval Officer (Pilot under training)

Hobbies; Travelling, playing the Ukulele and the Upkeep of my 1965 VW Splitscreen Campervan.

Cycling Experience before this trip; (hopefully won’t be drawn upon) cycled to and from Sixth Form.

Reasons for doing this challenge; I jealously watched the efforts put into Cycle2Austria and when I heard that the orginal support driver was unable take part in this trip I jumped at the opportunity to contribute to this amazing challenge. I look forward to being the smiling face at the end of a long day for the riders with a hot brew and dinner on the go. I couldn't have picked three more deserving charities and to be a part of something that will help them in their work is a real privilege.